Why I Do Yoga For My Abdominals

The best part about yoga is I can often target the full body while also improving cardio.  That’s why when I found 30 Day Yoga Fat Burning, Strength Training Challenge with Laura Myren, I haven’t done many other abdominal workouts.  The 45-minute abdominal challenge is one of two in the 30 day yoga series and is KILLER.  Laura Myren gives modification tips for those of us who are just starting out and continues to encourage the viewer to work up to the full movements of each sequence.  This allows the viewer to notice improvement the more they do the exercise.  Allowing myself to do the modifications keeps me from burning out too quickly or not being able to move the next day.  The video also targets the abdominals in various ways to get full movement.

The video starts on all fours with a warm-up.  I find myself thinking during the warm-up, I don’t know if I will be able to get through this whole video if THIS is the warm-up, but once my muscles are warmed-up, I feel as though I do better and better as the video continues.

Besides getting a full range of movement through my abdominals, I feel like I am working parts of my upper body while in plank, downward facing dog, and other yoga positions.  I can feel my heart beating, I learn how to breathe through the exercise, and I get a good sweat session in.

One thing Laura Myren is awesome at is education through the video.  Not only does she show and explain how to do the movements correctly for the best workout, she also explains WHY she is doing the sequence.  For example, she explains that we should think of the abdominals as a corset and work the lower back as well.  Later in the video, she shows great workouts for abdominals while standing to give a wide range of motion.  At the end, she gives a few minutes of stretching to reduce the level of soreness the next day.

The video can be found on Amazon, although I’m not sure where else it may be available.  I am not being sponsored by Laura Myren or anyone involved in the making of the videos, but I highly suggest the investment for anyone who is looking to do at home workouts or is in need of a fun abdominal workout.

I cannot wait until I start seeing improvement and can try out Part B!

I will keep you updated on my journey through improvement and let you know what else I am doing to target other muscles in my body.

If you have any questions, suggestions, or just want to say hi, send me a message here!

2 thoughts on “Why I Do Yoga For My Abdominals”

  1. Thanks for the post!!! I was looking for motivation to inspire me to finish a major painting and couldn’t get moving. I like to check out blogs to push me sometimes. Thanks for being an example of the action and movement I was looking for to complete my work!

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