Weekly Round-up

Week 1 Round-Up – Don’t Over Do It

The first week of my journey has come and gone.  While I feel accomplished with my goals, I feel like I am getting a slow start. This is because I put a priority on fitness over my change in diet and reducing my trash.  An important thing to note is that I am in the process of moving right now.  I have moved out of the house I was renting and am now in my parents house (the house I grew up in) for a couple of months until I get my job and housing lined up a few states away.  Moving has taken up a lot of my attention, but after this week, I feel ready to tackle all of my goals.

I learned my first lesson very early on – don’t over do it.  I began my week on Saturday by deciding what I was going to prioritize.  I decided that my fitness was most important to me and I really wanted to get the strong legs and butt I once had six months ago before graduating from college.  I won’t get into why I lost the muscle and time, but I have been down on myself for not prioritizing fitness.  I began with an intense leg and butt exercise that was also weighted (bad idea).  Besides the fact that I hadn’t gotten the technique down before adding weight, I started with a weight that I was not ready for.  For my readers, never be ashamed of the amount of weight you use or how long is takes you to complete an exercise – it’s all about improvement.  Because I over did my workout, I could hardly walk and I could not workout the next day.  I made sure to take in 20 grams of protein from a portion bar everyday so that my muscles would repair quickly, but even a few days later, I had trouble getting into my car.

Thankfully, there are plenty of muscle groups to work besides legs AND I was still able to do yoga which actually helped my muscles stretch and relax.  The third day of the week, I made sure to do a runner’s legs stretch yoga routine and followed it with an upper body workout.  My exercising and stretching took up a large part of my morning, but every minute was worth it.  By the fourth day I was feeling much better, but I wanted to make sure my body has days of rest.  On Wednesday, I did my favorite yoga routine that targets the abdominals.  I felt proud of myself at this point because it was three days of working out which was my goal (after I realized I was going to burn out too quickly).  I decided to do another leg and butt exercise the following day.  I did a light workout without weights this time and I didn’t regret targeting my muscles that were once sore at the beginning of the week.  Maybe some would disagree with my decision to do more leg work, but this is the area I wanted to target and I made sure to follow with stretching, protein, and a couple of relaxing days.  My final day of the week I decided to do a short run.  I started my week on a Saturday, but for logistic purposes, I took the day off from thinking about my goals yesterday and did a relaxing, deep stretch yoga.

Besides working out regularly, I wanted to replace at least one cleaning product with a DIY product.  Since I was leaving my rented house, I needed to clean up a bit.  I decided to make my furniture polish.  I was happy with the outcome, although I wish I would have used a different essential oil.  I also wish I could have been able to find a glass spray bottle.  I am going to have to do more research on where I can find glass bottles because I know I will be making more cleaning products soon.  The furniture polish worked like a charm and may have even worked better than the kind I usually buy.  The entire thing was cheap because I had all the ingredients laying around the house!

Lastly, my third goal was to eat more.  With the last bit of school being busy, going on trips with my family, and moving out of the house, I was NOT eating like I should be.  I am a stress no-eater.  When I have a lot going on, I just forget to eat.  When I tell people this, they usually follow with “oh you’re so lucky, I gain weight when I’m stressed.” It doesn’t matter whether you are a stress eater or stress no-eater, NEITHER is good for you.  I was weak, tired, and I was depressed.  I noticed when I was eating more that if I ate breakfast, I would be hungry more often throughout the day and have more energy.  I assume this is because breakfast helps your metabolism, but I am not a dietition.  I just listen to my body and see where it takes me.  I found a cheap and healthy way to eat breakfast that wasn’t going to take me a long time to make.  I decided to eat oatmeal with banana most mornings.  I get tired of eating the same thing over and over again so I did switch it up a couple of days and ate cereal and my mom made us all pancakes.  I am not going to put myself down for cheatinng on a diet.  Instead, I felt proud I ate anything at all!

Today is Sunday, the start of my second week.  Looking back on last week, I am very proud because I spent time focusing on my most important goal, but didn’t ignore the other goals I had.  Besides learning I had to start slow and not over do it, I also learned that I can’t be down on myself.  Instead, I need to be my own cheerleader and be happy for the things I do well and happy when I do things for the soul.

My advice for my readers who are also trying to better themselves and improve is to never be too hard on yourself.  There will be mornings you get invited to brunch and you just want those delicious pancakes or days you over did it at the gym so you have to take the next day to do something else.   Don’t let one cheat day ruin your goals and find ways to keep yourself motivated.  What matters is you never stop trying to improve.

Achieve your fullest potential by Creating a lifestyle that helps you Accomplish your own goals.

If you have any questions, suggestions, or just want to say hi, message me here!

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