Breakfast of Champs

Sometimes the best breakfasts are the simplest.  As long as I eat breakfast, I will feel energized ALL DAY.  One of my favorite ways to start the day is with a nice bowl of oatmeal.  Oatmeal is so easy to make and I am able to add any ingredients I want! Recently, I’ve been on a banana and brown sugar kick so here is what I add to my oatmeal most mornings:

1 tablespoon brown sugar

2 teaspoons cinnamon

1 banana sliced

1 cup oatmeal

1 1/4 cup milk

Microwave oatmeal and milk for 1 minute.  Add 1/4 cup milk (or more) for my favorite consistency.  Add brown sugar, cinnamon, and banana. Stir and enjoy!

I also love adding apples, crasins, and almonds!

Let me know what your favorite ingredients are to add to your oatmeal! If you have any questions, suggestions, or just want to say hi, message me here!

Don’t like oatmeal? Stay tuned for some more amazing breakfast ideas!

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